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Alexandra Manousakis’ work is inspired by a diversity of things and moments experienced throughout her day: a pattern on a scarf; a shadow cast on the sidewalk; an ancient Minoan vase; or an old factory sign. She also believes that art can be anything, which is the concept behind Maiami, a vibrant space— an artwork in itself- that is part painting studio, part brasserie and part boutique. Maiami serves as a celebration of all Manousakis’ preferred ways to express her creativity, from designing ceramics to painting murals to serving food. Every object and every surface in this immersive world of Manousakis’ making-the chairs, the texture and emerald-green color of the fireplace, and even the mirrors in the bathrooms- were given equal energy and embedded with intimacy and meaning. Manousakis hopes that the patterns and colors and flavors and sounds experienced in Maiami will inspire, and in turn, spark dialogue and other creative projects.

Gisela Williams

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